And I have not written to you lovely readers. Those that know me will understand why. January is intolerable to me, the cold, the dark and the misery just drags through what seems like a ridiculously long month. The only thing I have found that helps, is a break from work for the first couple […]

Monthly Update

January 30, 2023

It’s February already!

Fine. OK. It is past the point of no return. The clocks have changed. It’s cold, dark and all we can do is get our heads down and hope for the swift arrival of the shortest day. I have made eye contact with Christmas. I am thrilled to be attending many more sales than I […]

Monthly Update

November 11, 2022

I’m giving in!

It feels like it’s been ages since I wrote to you lovely lot. How are you all? It seems summer is over. However much I cling on to the idea of long hot days, we are now past Autumn exquinox, so the cold and dark are marching in at an alarming rate. So much has […]

Monthly Update

September 26, 2022

My Dry Bride

Ahhhh the heat. Sorry to those folks who struggle in the sun but this lizard is just in heaven! I am thoroughly enjoying using British blooms locally farmed at the moment, this time of year has so much to offer! Shopping locally and seasonally is not only good for the environment, as they are not […]

Monthly Update

August 8, 2022

Rebellion Roving

Well, it seems I have been so distracted with the BEAUTIFUL weather I have completely forgotten my blog, apologies kind reader. Although those that know me well would have expected this, I am affectionately named “the lizard” thanks to my delight in the hot sunshine. Things have been busy at Floral Rebellion HQ. I now […]

Monthly Update

July 23, 2022

Summer Loving!

Happy belated Easter everyone, It seems an age ago now but in reality, only a few weeks. More importantly let’s all stand up and welcome the sun! I cannot tell you how happy I feel when I have proper -with warmth – sun on my face. It really makes Steph a happier florist. We just […]

Monthly Update

April 28, 2022

Birds, boat and a bank holiday!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous female folk out there. I firmly believe that Mother’s Day is not only about Mothers, but should also include all those NOT Mothers out there who bring positivity, love, support, encouragement and kindness to your life. We all have NOT Mothers and it is important to celebrate them […]

Monthly Update

March 29, 2022

Mother’s Day Marauding

Wind and workshops really sums up February for me. Although of course, there is also the small matter of Valentines tucked in there too! Firstly, the weather, that wind was just a little wild wasn’t it? I hope you were not without power too long and didn’t suffer too much damage. Floral Rebellion HQ came […]

Monthly Update

March 20, 2022

Wind and Workshops!

Happy (belated) New Year. Thankfully, the first month of the year has whipped by and I am now writing to you on the eve of Imbolc, the half way point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. The point at which we are officially looking for signs of spring as things are starting to stir from […]

Monthly Update

January 30, 2022

January Maraud

Well, December turned out to be quite an event here at Floral Rebellion HQ. I have to say I was delighted with the interest from you lovely lot. Workshops sold out with incredible speed, my books were full with Wreath making at home parties. and just before Christmas, orders for Floral Rebellion gift bouquets that […]

Monthly Update

December 31, 2021

Hello December